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After the end of my tenancy period, I contacted them after searching through few other local cleaning service providers. One of my friend said he had heard about them and so I gave them a try! All I can say is that whatever reason I hired them for was a success. They did a pretty good cleaning job and I got my deposit back from my owner. It was a win – win for all.

Jhon Doe Businessman

I recently had my home cleaned by Windsor. They did an excellent job out of it. We have recently bought it from another person and it was in a complete mess. I wish I had a before and after image of the condition that the house is in at the moment. You guys rock man!

Kate Wills Businessman

We have handed over the cleaning contract to Windsor about a year ago. Their staffs have been cleaning our office premise quite well. The contract is quite affordable and their scheduling is quite flexible too. I love the way things are going so far. I am pretty satisfied with their service.

Kate Mathew Businessman

I run a local antique shop where I sell antique items as well as rugs, mattresses and carpets brought from various parts of the Middle East and Europe. They are sensitive items and I need them cleaned every now and then to keep them looking fresh and smelling good for my customers. Windsor does the cleaning for me and has become my reliable partner. Love you guys!

Jennifer Stack Businessman